The Void Trilogy series

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The Evolutionary Void by

I’m a long-time reader of Hamilton’s books, just look at the reviews on this site, so it’s fair to say I enjoy his works and I’ve followed him through various space operas as well as his stand along works.  I’ve enjoyed the other books in this trilogy, but I felt they were lacking something compared – Read the rest of this review

The Temporal Void by

This is the second in the Void trilogy by Hamilton, I’ve previously reviewed the first book, The Dreaming Void. Again this book is split between the story outside the void, where factions of human civilization fight to stop or allow the voyage into the void, something only humans can enter. Alongside are several alien races, – Read the rest of this review

The Dreaming Void by

Hamilton is another author I have read regularly and generally been pleased with his epic storylines and interesting views on how he sees humanity in the future. The Void trilogy, of which this is the first book, takes place more than a thousand years after the events of Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained, although some – Read the rest of this review