The Commonwealth Saga series

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Misspent Youth by

I generally like Hamilton’s books, and this is a precursor to the Commonwealth novels of Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained, the first to feature rejuvenation, something that is used heavily in those books. It’s been suggested this was a way to feel out and test the water of some of the technologies that would be – Read the rest of this review

Judas Unchained by

I’m going to start this review by saying that I like Hamilton’s books. I’ve read quite a few and, looking at the reviews I’ve done so far, it turns out that Hamilton ranks as one of my most read authors of late. Bear that in mind as you read the rest of this review, because – Read the rest of this review

Pandora’s Star by

I’m funny about not completing a book, it’s a compulsion, not finishing just seems to leave something hanging, an itch that hasn’t been scratched. So you can imagine what it took to contemplate not finishing Pandora’s Star (I was thinking of a piece I read some time ago about how life’s to short not to – Read the rest of this review