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Seraphina by

I couldn’t honestly tell you where I got the recommendation for this, but I’m glad that I listened to it because I thoroughly enjoyed it. In a world where dragons and humans once fought there is now an unsteady peace. The dragons can take human form and live among their former enemies in an effort – Read the rest of this review

The Alchemist by

Nicolas Flamel was a scribe and manuscript-seller who lived in 14th century France. Some time after his death he was assigned a reputation as an alchemist and the creator of the Philosopher’s Stone, which produced an elixir that enabled immortality and could create silver and gold. He is one of the main characters of this story. Moving the – Read the rest of this review

Incarceron by

Another of those books that I have on my shelf with no real memory of where the recommendation came from. The story follows the tale of two protagonists who are separated but linked, one living in the faux 17th century outside of Incarceron — a giant, self-aware prison set up as an Eden and rehabilitation – Read the rest of this review

A Web of Air by

There are a few authors whose books I keep as a treat, because I know they’ll be good. Philip Reeve is one of those authors. I’ve read all of the preceding works in the Mortal Engines universe, which have generally been quite large in scope, but this book is much narrower. While bigger interests are – Read the rest of this review

Ptolemy’s Gate by

The fact that I’ve made it to the third in the series says a lot about how good it is. I’m not one for sticking with an author on blind faith or because of past glories. Three years on from the events of The Golem’s Eye and we find England besieged on all sides and – Read the rest of this review