Young Adult

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The Knife of Never Letting Go by

Another one that has been sat on the TBR shelf for a while, largely because what I found by picking random pages didn’t grab me. The reason for that is it’s a bit random — on the planet of New World (not the most imaginative name) men’s thoughts can be heard by everyone. Todd is – Read the rest of this review

How To Be a Pirate by

I’d had an audiobook of the first in this series, and so followed it up with this, the second title. The movies that are based on this series, arguably, are better known. They are also very different to the books.┬áThese are aimed at kids, they feature characters with the same names, but that is about – Read the rest of this review

The Ruby in the Smoke by

I got this on a two-for-one deal via Audible. I thought it was a recent Pullman release, but it was originally published in 1985. It’s the first part in a quartet of Sally Lockhart novels. There’s plenty of mystery and intrigue as you follow the protagonist — the aforementioned Sally Lockhart — but everything just – Read the rest of this review