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The Lock Artist by

I picked this up while I was waiting for some computer updates to install and was quickly hooked. I was soon finding time to read it whenever I could. Which is obviously a good sign. It tells the story of a boy who experiences a hugely traumatic event that leaves him speechless, literally. Life doesn’t – Read the rest of this review

One Shot by

I picked this up because I’d seen Jack Reacher, the film version of this novel, and the plot and characters interested me enough to see what the source material was like. As such, I had a vision of the novel before I started reading it, which, with hindsight, may not have been a good idea. – Read the rest of this review

The Fear Index by

Stepping into the world of hedge funds, the lead character, Alex Hoffmann, co-owns a very successful fund which uses a clever algorithm that tracks human emotions.  He and his partner are about to close another record round of funding, everything looks rosy and then his world falls apart. While Alex feels like he’s going mad – Read the rest of this review

The Gun Seller by

Having seen his turn in House, perhaps the dry, sharp wit of Thomas Lang comes as less of a shock than it would have done when happy-go-lucky Hugh Laurie, best-known at the time for portraying bumbling idiots in Blackadder or the equally bumbling Bertie Wooster in Jeeves and Wooster, first released The Gun Seller.  No – Read the rest of this review

Digital Fortress by

I’ve read a few of Dan Brown’s books now, after enjoying The Da Vinci Code and they’ve been something of a disappointment. The Da Vinci Code is the pinnacle of his book series, which started with Digital Fortress. That this is his first work shows. While the ideas aren’t bad, some of the information is – Read the rest of this review