Science Fiction

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Great North Road by

Hamilton is a master of enormous storylines, well-known for his space opera series. This standalone novel isn’t quite as grand in its scope, but its still very ambitious in the size, span and complexity of its plot. It’s not a small book either. Although it’s populated by a vast array of characters, the book is divided – Read the rest of this review

A Princess of Mars by

I’ve seen the movie. I actually quite like it. Not that it’s an imperative as the film differs markedly from the book. It’s fair to say this is a story of its time, having been published in 1917 (and written in 1911). The details of how exactly our hero, John Carter, gets from Earth to Mars – Read the rest of this review

The Martian by

This was another of those books that seemed to be growing in popularity to the point that I kept finding mentions of it wherever I went. The premise is simple. In the not too distant future, NASA has been begun sending people to Mars. Ares 3, the third such mission, has been on the ground for – Read the rest of this review

Ancillary Justice by

I opted for this book because it kept popping up in the places I went, all with praise. I had held off originally because the description didn’t quite grab me enough, I didn’t think there was much of a story there. Just goes to show that you should follow your instincts. This is a space opera, – Read the rest of this review

Consider Phlebas by

I’ve been meaning to read some of Banks’ work for a while. Jumping into a series is tough, so I tried to find a good place to start, or at least a representative example, but I never found the descriptions engaging enough for me to take the plunge. I finally forced myself to start at – Read the rest of this review