Science Fiction

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A Forest of Stars by

I really enjoyed the first novel in this series — Hidden Empire — so it made sense to pick up the next book. What a difference a book makes. Looking back at my notes on the first book, I think the structure of jumping between characters was the same, but in this one I found – Read the rest of this review

Hyperion by

This was one of those books I have been monitoring on my wishlist for some time, but it never quite convinced me enough to take the plunge. Having had a few more recommendations added to the scales, I finally relented. Set in the 29th Century, it follows a group of pilgrims making their way to – Read the rest of this review

Hidden Empire by

This has been sat on the to-read shelf for a while, largely due to its size — at 662 pages in the paperback version I have — as the time commitment meant I was preferring smaller books. I am very glad I took the plunge though, as this was a gripping space opera. The cast – Read the rest of this review

The Power by

Not sure where I got the recommendation for this, but it was the premise that intrigued me. The story is told from the viewpoint of several different characters from totally different backgrounds, and they are constantly moving locations to add even more variety (it would have been interesting to see the changes within a specific – Read the rest of this review

How to Stop Time by

What would happen if you didn’t age like everyone else and you lived longer, a lot longer. How much longer? Well, you were born in the 15th Century, but you look like you’re in your forties now. That’s the situation the protagonist of this book is in. It’s an interesting premise and it gives it – Read the rest of this review