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The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Never Made by

This is a look behind the Hollywood curtain to see how a movie makes it to the screen, or doesn’t. Most, in part because of the large amounts of money involved, go through long and arduous development processes where stars, directors and other talent come and go. This book focuses on sci-fi movies that didn’t – Read the rest of this review

Masters of Doom by

Only a handful of computer games have broken out of the gamer community and into the collective consciousness. I think it’s fair to count Doom among them. It was created, in no small part, by the two Johns of Id Software. Although there’s a huge cast of characters, Masters of Doom focuses on these two as it – Read the rest of this review

Napoleon the Great by

Being British, I tend to have been presented with the view that Napoleon was an upstart dictator with a lust for power and the greed to try and conquer Europe, including this sceptred isle. But while he was an acclaimed general, he was no match for Wellington. For all that, I have a somewhat greater – Read the rest of this review