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Apollo 8 by

Who doesn’t like a bit of space travel? The number of people who follow every SpaceX launch tells you it’s still something that can hold the public’s attention. The majesty seems to have been lost a little though, as if going to space has become routine, which is definitely is not. Apollo 8 was the – Read the rest of this review

Sleep by

Sleep. We all do it, but no one teaches us how. We’re all expected to know. I’ve picked up various tips and tricks, both based on my own trial and error, and the occasional article I’ve skimmed, but I’ve never set about breaking it down. I know what I prefer and assume that’s right, for – Read the rest of this review

Where Good Ideas Come From by

The title isn’t entirely accurate. This doesn’t cover where good ideas comes from, but rather what things prove conducive to generating ideas. These are summarised in seven patterns: The adjacent possible Essentially, that adjacent thoughts and technologies can spur ideas. Liquid networks That well-connected groups generate more ideas, by sharing and spurring each other on. – Read the rest of this review