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Less But Better by

If you have an interest in design you’ve likely heard of Dieter Rams. You’ve likely encountered some of the products he or his team have had a hand in regardless of whether you know the name — because he was a big part of the design team at Braun for many years. I love many – Read the rest of this review

Blood River by

A bit of a random one that I picked as part of a 3 for 2 deal. Africa, once known as the Dark Continent, is still a bit of a mystery to outsiders — at least that’s how it seems to me. I’ve visited some of the north African countries, although not recently, and know – Read the rest of this review

Science(ish) by ,

A product of a podcast of the same name, this book takes several popular movies and uses them as a backdrop to explore various topics — from time travel to robots. Most movies get a bad rap when it comes to the science they show. Storytellers take liberties for a variety of reasons — not – Read the rest of this review

A Short History of England by

I like to think I know a reasonable amount of English history. Maybe I know a touch more than average, but my knowledge is far from complete. This probably isn’t the book to round it out, but it does give you a whistle-stop tour starting around 400AD. If you’re simply looking to get a chronology – Read the rest of this review