Historical Fiction

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The Serpent Sword by

Picked this up on a deal. Set in 7th Century Britain, it follows a young man as he becomes a warrior in the retinue of various kings of Northumbria. Although set well before it, the story reminded me greatly of The Last Kingdom. They feature similar locales (Bebbenburg makes several appearances) and a rising warrior – Read the rest of this review

Under the Eagle by

Picked up on a deal as I like a good Roman legion story and I’d heard of Scarrow. This is pretty standard fare — a new starter joins the Second Legion, who looks like he might not be the best fit, but is put under the wing of an experienced centurion. The characters are pretty – Read the rest of this review

Bones of the Hills by

The third book in the series continues a little time after the second. This time the Mongols strike west to take on the Khwarazmian empire. Filled with heroic and daring tales of battles, you’re never far from some action. That said, the books also try to show how much innovation the Mongols made, both by – Read the rest of this review

The Gates of Rome by

This series follows the rise of Julius Caesar, with this entry covering his early days up to the period where Caesar left Rome following the defeat of his uncle by Sulla and first joined the army. The version I listened to was abridged, which I didn’t realise until after I’d started, or I wouldn’t have – Read the rest of this review

Lords of the Bow by

The second part of the Conqueror series continues the history of Temujin (Genghis Khan), starting from the final days of forming the Mongol nation and on as he invades the lands of their long-time enemy, the Chin. It follows the impressive feats of the hoard as it sweeps through the lands of more ‘developed’ and – Read the rest of this review