Historical Fiction

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Wolf of the Plains by

This is the first in Iggulden’s series following the life of Temujin, better known to the world as Genghis Khan. Although he has a somewhat unsavory reputation in the West, he’s a character I find very interesting, both for uniting the warring Mongol tribes, but also for the empire he built. He was quick to – Read the rest of this review

Eagles at War by

Another book I stumbled across and liked the description enough to give it a go. I’m also a fan of Rome so it tied into my other interests. The plot focuses on the battle of Teutoburg Forest, where an alliance of Germanic tribes ambushed and destroyed three Roman legions in 9 CE, with characters on – Read the rest of this review

Azincourt by

I was amazed how fast I was drawn into this story and onto the side of Nick Hook, the protagonist. That in spite of his first act being being rather heinous. Hook is an archer and it’s his journey that is used to guide us through the events leading up to and during the legendary – Read the rest of this review

The Last Kingdom by

This the first book in the Warrior Chronicles, which chart the life story of Uhtred, Ealdorman (a lord) of Bebbanburg (Bamburgh) in Northumbria (now Northumberland). It starts with him as a ten-year-old, shortly before his father is killed and he’s adopted by a Danish Earl as the Danes invade northern England. Uhtred’s journey through the – Read the rest of this review

Imperium by

I’ve read all of Robert Harris’ books, after catching on to Fatherland somewhat later than most. Imperium is somewhat different to his other novels, which are generally set in an historical setting, and may feature actual historical figures, but are fictitious, mainly murder mystery thrillers, but always clever, entertaining and in-depth. Imperium features an actual – Read the rest of this review