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The Name of the Wind by

I avoided this one for a while due to the description. The arrogant hero and his amazing deeds is what it sounded like, but that’s not the case. Sure there is some heroism, but most of that is luck and timing, although there’s some underlying talent. Instead, this is the story of a man, told – Read the rest of this review

To Hold the Bridge by

I’m a big fan of Nix’s Old Kingdom series, but haven’t read any of his other works. This is sold on the back of that world but only contains one story relating to it, the rest are a series of unrelated, self-contained shorts. As with any compilation, some are better than others. There’s plenty of – Read the rest of this review

The Alchemist by

Nicolas Flamel was a scribe and manuscript-seller who lived in 14th century France. Some time after his death he was assigned a reputation as an alchemist and the creator of the Philosopher’s Stone, which produced an elixir that enabled immortality and could create silver and gold. He is one of the main characters of this story. Moving the – Read the rest of this review

The Thief’s Gamble by

I have absolutely no idea where I got the recommendation for this book. It’s been sat on my shelves for a while (no reflection of the book, many others do too) and it was almost a random pick from amongst the pile. It’s a fairly classic fantasy tale, set in a pseudo-medieval landscape in which wizards, – Read the rest of this review

Dodger by

You can tell a good book when you’re finding an excuse to squeeze in a few pages here and there. Pratchett has become one of my favourite authors, for consistency if nothing else. Dodger is a bit of a departure from the usual Discworld series, but Dickensian London is actually very similar to Ankh-Morpork. It – Read the rest of this review