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Chasing the Dime by

I’ve not read anything by Connelly before, but I was aware of who he is. I thought this would be a change from my usual mix of genres. It starts with coincidence and throws a few twists at you. Unfortunately, most of them were guessable. While it was a reasonable story, capably told, it was – Read the rest of this review

Before the Fall by

I have absolutely no idea where I got the recommendation for this book, but wherever it was deserves some credit. The book tells the tale of a private jet that crashes into the ocean, with only two survivors: a four-year-old boy, who stands to inherit millions, and an unknown painter. Together, they make the seemingly – Read the rest of this review

Down to the Wire by

Honestly, I considered giving up on this a couple of times. I wanted to try something that wasn’t fantasy or science fiction or non-fiction, the categories I seem to keep falling into. This is a paint-by-numbers thriller. By that I mean the characters are thin, bland stereotypes and the plot, while is has some turns – Read the rest of this review

Power Surge by

I persevered with this, hoping something would start to happen, hoping the paper thin caricatures and the ancient stereotypes of male and female roles in Washington would at least have some juicy action in it. It dragged on and on and nothing materialised, so I decided life was too short for such tripe and moved – Read the rest of this review

The Catcher in the Rye by

I was intrigued to read The Catcher in the Rye as a result of watching too much Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. It’s quoted by the main antagonist.  Having had a chance to sit down and read it I’m not sure I should have bothered. It’s a lauded novel, a byword for disaffected – Read the rest of this review