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Where Good Ideas Come From by

The title isn’t entirely accurate. This doesn’t cover where good ideas comes from, but rather what things prove conducive to generating ideas. These are summarised in seven patterns: The adjacent possible Essentially, that adjacent thoughts and technologies can spur ideas. Liquid networks That well-connected groups generate more ideas, by sharing and spurring each other on. – Read the rest of this review

An Officer and a Spy by

I am a big fan of Harris’ work. Not that I have swooned over every one of his books, but they’re generally good. For those unfamiliar, he writes historical fictional, often based on figures or events that took place. This novel follows the Dreyfus Affair — as it is known — where an innocent army – Read the rest of this review

Afterparty by

Our protagonist helped create a drug that alters the brain so you feel a divine presence, and, if taken in high enough doses, can see and interact with it as well. It’s a very interesting idea, and the mystery around who has put this drug, never approved for release, on the street is what drives – Read the rest of this review