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Children of Dune by

I picked up the miniseries that stars James McAvoy on DVD a while back and was suitably lost in the story, and the low production value. I was hoping this would help make sense of it. This was the final part of the three-book collection I had. As the name suggests, it follows the children – Read the rest of this review

Shoe Dog by

For those who are not aware, Phil Knight is the founder of Nike. In this book, Knight charts the history leading up to the establishment of Nike’s precursor, Blue Ribbon Shoes, through to Nike becoming an established player in the sports arena. It’s an interesting story because it was far from a straight and easy – Read the rest of this review

Dune Messiah by

This is a short entry compared to the others in the trilogy. It also involves a lot more navel-gazing than the first. Gone are the battles, the fighting and the grand visions. They’re replaced with plots, intrigue and battles of conscience. Having created an empire, set a galaxy-wide jihad in motion and been deified by – Read the rest of this review

Ghost in the Wires by

I’m a fan of a book on hacking. I started with The Cuckoo’s Egg, way back when, which is still the best one I’ve read from the ‘white hat’ side, even if somewhat outdated these days. The second book on hacking I ever read was Takedown by Tsutomu Shimomura, the man who helped the FBI – Read the rest of this review

Dune by

I was aware of Dune from the movie, which is one of my favourites (it’s well worth a watch, because the design team was clearly on something strong). I knew it was based on a book and I’d been meaning to read it for a while. I actually have the first three books in an – Read the rest of this review