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Spellwright by

This is another example where I have no idea where I found this or who/what recommended it. It’s the first book in a trilogy. There are many common elements to other fantasy novels: a young protagonist with an older mentor, a prophersy that is coming to pass, villains wishing to bring about destruction, misunderstanding from – Read the rest of this review

The Final Empire by

Not sure where I got the suggestion for this one. I suspect this was a random pick-up from Waterstones many years ago, prompted by a gift card. Recently, having been watching some ‘top 10’ videos on YouTube, it seems this series comes highly rated. Having languished on my to-be-read shelf for a while, and having – Read the rest of this review

Longitude by

Like access to light at the flick of a switch, the modern world has become completely used to, and entirely dependant upon, accurate time-keeping. As with lighting, that wasn’t always the case though. That lack of precision made things like navigation very difficult and very dangerous. Even today, the navigation system most of us rely – Read the rest of this review

Dragonflight by

Ranked among the greatest fantasy novels ever written, it’s interesting to find out that it started life as two separate novellas published in Analog (a science fiction magazine) way back in 1967. This is the first of the Riders of Pern (or Chronicle of Pern as it says on the cover) series. Set on a – Read the rest of this review