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Black Ops by

I think my dad gave me this one after having read it — it’s the sort of thing he tends to read. It was the sort of book I used to read, having churned my way through plenty of Clancy and the like in days past. This one doesn’t feature a plot that threatens the – Read the rest of this review

Keeping It Real by

I picked this up many years ago at a Waterstones when someone had gifted my some vouchers. It never quite convinced me whenever I looked at my TBR shelf. Now I know why. Once I start a book I rarely abandon it — this one came very close to being binned on several occasions. I – Read the rest of this review

The Knife of Never Letting Go by

Another one that has been sat on the TBR shelf for a while, largely because what I found by picking random pages didn’t grab me. The reason for that is it’s a bit random — on the planet of New World (not the most imaginative name) men’s thoughts can be heard by everyone. Todd is – Read the rest of this review

Me Talk Pretty One Day by

This is my second Sedaris book, the first being an audiobook of Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, although I actually owned this before that, I just hadn’t gotten around to reading it. It’s another collection of anecdotes from Sedaris’ life and experiences, this time from a broad time range — some from his childhood, some – Read the rest of this review

Educated by

I remember this one coming up on a lot of best-of lists (including those of Obama and Bill Gates), and I’m very glad I added it to my TBR pile. I will start by saying this is not an easy read — it’s dark in a lot of places, and each time you think we’re – Read the rest of this review