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Hidden Empire by

This has been sat on the to-read shelf for a while, largely due to its size — at 662 pages in the paperback version I have — as the time commitment meant I was preferring smaller books. I am very glad I took the plunge though, as this was a gripping space opera. The cast – Read the rest of this review

Science(ish) by ,

A product of a podcast of the same name, this book takes several popular movies and uses them as a backdrop to explore various topics — from time travel to robots. Most movies get a bad rap when it comes to the science they show. Storytellers take liberties for a variety of reasons — not – Read the rest of this review

How To Be a Pirate by

I’d had an audiobook of the first in this series, and so followed it up with this, the second title. The movies that are based on this series, arguably, are better known. They are also very different to the books.┬áThese are aimed at kids, they feature characters with the same names, but that is about – Read the rest of this review

A Short History of England by

I like to think I know a reasonable amount of English history. Maybe I know a touch more than average, but my knowledge is far from complete. This probably isn’t the book to round it out, but it does give you a whistle-stop tour starting around 400AD. If you’re simply looking to get a chronology – Read the rest of this review

The Power by

Not sure where I got the recommendation for this, but it was the premise that intrigued me. The story is told from the viewpoint of several different characters from totally different backgrounds, and they are constantly moving locations to add even more variety (it would have been interesting to see the changes within a specific – Read the rest of this review