Reviews of books in this format:

The Half-Life of Facts by

The word fact is generally associated with something unchanging, something solid. It’s not the case though. You only have to look at the newspaper headlines in any year to see how things change (medical advice, for one). Why they change, when they change and when we learn about the change is the focus of this – Read the rest of this review

The Book of English Place Names by

Do you look at the names of the places around you? Have you ever wondered where they come from? Well this book attempts to explain, some of them at least. It focuses solely on England, going area by area, county by county. Even so it only covers the more interesting place names or larger towns – Read the rest of this review

Sleepless in Hollywood by

The author is a producer, so the book provides an insiders look at the enigma that is the movie biz. Having worked in the industry for a long time, she’s able to provide her thoughts on what has changed. It isn’t just a series of her opinions¬†and observations though, it also¬†draws on others who have – Read the rest of this review