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Ship of Magic by

I stumbled across this on my Kindle while reading something else — it looks like I bought it about four years ago, presumably on some sort of deal (although it still looks to be available for a steal). It’s a book that is populated with numerous characters, some of which may get more time than – Read the rest of this review

Great North Road by

Hamilton is a master of enormous storylines, well-known for his space opera series. This standalone novel isn’t quite as grand in its scope, but its still very ambitious in the size, span and complexity of its plot. It’s not a small book either. Although it’s populated by a vast array of characters, the book is divided – Read the rest of this review

Temeraire by

Set during the Napoleonic Wars. The current stalemate is making the British nervous, despite Nelson having the French fleet pinned in port. The Navy isn’t the only force watching for an invasion force though. The skies are patrolled by the Air Corps, who ride dragons. The French have more of the beasts, and bigger ones, so capturing – Read the rest of this review

A Web of Air by

There are a few authors whose books I keep as a treat, because I know they’ll be good. Philip Reeve is one of those authors. I’ve read all of the preceding works in the Mortal Engines universe, which have generally been quite large in scope, but this book is much narrower. While bigger interests are – Read the rest of this review