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The Ascent Of Rum Doodle by

At 40,000-and-a-half-feet, Rum Doodle is the highest peak in the world and a team of experienced climbers is assembled at the request of Sir Hugeley Havering with the aim of reaching the summit. The story of their expedition, told by the team’s leader, is what forms the basis of the book. As you can tell, this is a – Read the rest of this review

Zero Day by

I’ve been looking for a good cyber-crime story. I’m still looking. Russinovich works in the computing world and has been involved in investigating or uncovering things like rootkits — something that comes up repeatedly in the novel. I was therefore expecting plenty of technical details, cat-and-mouse games in the command line, brilliant minds unraveling secrets. – Read the rest of this review

Fahrenheit 451 by

This is one of those classics that you’re supposed to read, a dystopian vision of the future that sits in the pantheon containing 1984, Brave New World and Slaughterhouse 5. It certainly contains a bleak vision of the future. Originally published in 1953, it has predictions of the future that seem both insightful and naive. He’s – Read the rest of this review

Cryptonomicon by

This took me a while to get through, partly because it was a library loaner and I kept losing the renewal, forcing me to go read something else until whoever reserved it realised what they had and returned it (usually only a couple of days). The other reason is because this is a monster. The paperback runs – Read the rest of this review

Power Surge by

I persevered with this, hoping something would start to happen, hoping the paper thin caricatures and the ancient stereotypes of male and female roles in Washington would at least have some juicy action in it. It dragged on and on and nothing materialised, so I decided life was too short for such tripe and moved – Read the rest of this review