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Nomad by

This was another two-for-one offering on Audible. The premise sounded interesting and it was a more generic tale (I try not to get pigeon-holed into specific genres). Having said that, the core of the story is the tired premise of a secret service agent who gets accused of treachery by his own department and has – Read the rest of this review

The Ruby in the Smoke by

I got this on a two-for-one deal via Audible. I thought it was a recent Pullman release, but it was originally published in 1985. It’s the first part in a quartet of Sally Lockhart novels. There’s plenty of mystery and intrigue as you follow the protagonist — the aforementioned Sally Lockhart — but everything just – Read the rest of this review

Bones of the Hills by

The third book in the series continues a little time after the second. This time the Mongols strike west to take on the Khwarazmian empire. Filled with heroic and daring tales of battles, you’re never far from some action. That said, the books also try to show how much innovation the Mongols made, both by – Read the rest of this review

Caliban’s War by

For those who are unaware, the Expanse series of books is now a TV series. I started watching after I had read the first book, Leviathan Wakes. The series continues on to cover the start of this book, so some of the plot was already known to me. There were some deviations, as with all – Read the rest of this review

The Ascent of Money by

This is a history of money. Why it developed, how various financial products came to be, and the events that affected the markets. There’s some interesting tales, including a few I hadn’t heard before. Funny how money played a more significant role than you’ve been led to believe in some world events (notably wars and – Read the rest of this review