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The Serpent Sword by

Picked this up on a deal. Set in 7th Century Britain, it follows a young man as he becomes a warrior in the retinue of various kings of Northumbria. Although set well before it, the story reminded me greatly of The Last Kingdom. They feature similar locales (Bebbenburg makes several appearances) and a rising warrior – Read the rest of this review

Porcelain by

If you’ve not heard of Moby, you’ll probably have heard one of his songs. They grace so many blockbuster movies, from the Bourne series to Any Given Sunday, Heat to Blue Crush that they’re almost impossible to miss. He’s an internationally known and well-regarded artist. I assumed he’d had a fairly easy and straightforward rise – Read the rest of this review

I Never Knew That About London by

This was picked up on deal. In part because I love a fact. So this sounded right up my street. It follows a course from east to west across London, covering each borough as it goes. The facts vary from the small and personal (a famous person was born/died/went to school here) to the those – Read the rest of this review

Under the Eagle by

Picked up on a deal as I like a good Roman legion story and I’d heard of Scarrow. This is pretty standard fare — a new starter joins the Second Legion, who looks like he might not be the best fit, but is put under the wing of an experienced centurion. The characters are pretty – Read the rest of this review

Blood River by

A bit of a random one that I picked as part of a 3 for 2 deal. Africa, once known as the Dark Continent, is still a bit of a mystery to outsiders — at least that’s how it seems to me. I’ve visited some of the north African countries, although not recently, and know – Read the rest of this review