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Firewatching by

This was another I probably wouldn’t have picked up except it was on a deal. I am also mindful I seem to get stuck in fantasy and sci-fi a fair bit and do try to branch out. This is a gritty police procedural, something the Brits seems to do fairly well across all types of – Read the rest of this review

The Science of Everyday Life by

This isn’t the sort of book I’d normally pick up in audio format, as it’s so short (at four hours). Even in paperback it would be a slim thing coming in at only 224 pages. It does make it quick to get through though. As it was available on an offer though, I took the – Read the rest of this review

Words of Radiance by

The length of this was a consideration in my decision — 48 hours is a lot of listening time — but also knowing what I was getting played a part — this following my enjoyment of the previous book. Taking up where The Way of Kings finished, the same cast returns, only they all end – Read the rest of this review

I Am Pilgrim by

This was one of those where I kept seeing good reviews of it. A totally different contemporary thriller. And it had been a while since I had read something not set it in a completely fantastic realm. I’m struggling to think of an example, but the twin threads of this book remind me of other – Read the rest of this review

The Way of Kings by

I elected to listen to this, in part, due to the length. The 1,000+ pages turn into around 45 hours of audio to work through. And this is just the first book of the trilogy, so it’s somewhat immense. As with a story that runs to this length, we end up with not only a – Read the rest of this review