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Hyperion by

This was one of those books I have been monitoring on my wishlist for some time, but it never quite convinced me enough to take the plunge. Having had a few more recommendations added to the scales, I finally relented. Set in the 29th Century, it follows a group of pilgrims making their way to – Read the rest of this review

The Blade Itself by

I picked this up as a recommendation from some of the BookTube community. For starters, this is a pretty big. Well over 500 pages, or 22 hours of audio. And yet, it feels like the first act of a three-act story. It is the first part of a trilogy, so setting up the story would – Read the rest of this review

The Idiot Brain by

Our brains are amazing things. They’re how we perceieve the world. What we forgot is they exist separate from the world, isolated in a bone box. Everything they experience is fed to them tiny input channels: sight, sound, smell, etc. This book tries to explain some of how it works. And offers some reasons for – Read the rest of this review

Let Not The Deep by

Another one I picked up in a deal because it sounded interesting, and there weren’t many other options. This apparently forms part of a quartet about the British military, but it focuses on the saving of a merchant ship by the RNLI, neither of which form part of the military — although it does feature – Read the rest of this review

The Serpent Sword by

Picked this up on a deal. Set in 7th Century Britain, it follows a young man as he becomes a warrior in the retinue of various kings of Northumbria. Although set well before it, the story reminded me greatly of The Last Kingdom. They feature similar locales (Bebbenburg makes several appearances) and a rising warrior – Read the rest of this review