Suzanne Collins

Reviews of books by this author:

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

I have read The Hunger Games trilogy, and seen the movies. So a prequel was obviously going to be of interest. Following the originals was never going to be easy, but this initially does a pretty good job. We jump back in time to when the main villain of the trilogy, President Snow, was just – Read the rest of this review

Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane

This is the second in the series, and I have previously read Gregor the Overlander (although I don’t appear to have reviewed it). Despite vowing not to return, the kidnapping of his baby sister forces Gregor to venture into the hidden realm in the depths of the Earth once more. There he finds the reason – Read the rest of this review


To round out the trilogy, I’ve not long finished Mockingjay, the third instalment in The Hunger Games Trilogy.  It had a lot to live up to when you look at my reactions to the previous two books, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.  While it provided plenty of twists and turns, action and excitement, this book didn’t – Read the rest of this review

Catching Fire

After enjoying The Hunger Games so much I was worried this book wouldn’t work as well, not least because the main premise of the first book, the fight for survival in the games, would be missing.  I didn’t need to fear.  I loved Catching Fire too. I also didn’t need to fear missing the games, as – Read the rest of this review

The Hunger Games

This was another book I heard about on the grapevine, one that seemed to be gaining some momentum, not least because of the updates regarding the forthcoming film adaptation.  There were whispers this could the next Harry Potter (or rather, hopes). Which is not to say the books are in any way similar, they’re not. – Read the rest of this review