Robert Harris

Reviews of books by this author:

An Officer and a Spy

I am a big fan of Harris’ work. Not that I have swooned over every one of his books, but they’re generally good. For those unfamiliar, he writes historical fictional, often based on figures or events that took place. This novel follows the Dreyfus Affair — as it is known — where an innocent army – Read the rest of this review

The Fear Index

Stepping into the world of hedge funds, the lead character, Alex Hoffmann, co-owns a very successful fund which uses a clever algorithm that tracks human emotions.  He and his partner are about to close another record round of funding, everything looks rosy and then his world falls apart. While Alex feels like he’s going mad – Read the rest of this review


I’ve read all of Robert Harris’ books, after catching on to Fatherland somewhat later than most. Imperium is somewhat different to his other novels, which are generally set in an historical setting, and may feature actual historical figures, but are fictitious, mainly murder mystery thrillers, but always clever, entertaining and in-depth. Imperium features an actual – Read the rest of this review