Frank Herbert

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Children of Dune

I picked up the miniseries that stars James McAvoy on DVD a while back and was suitably lost in the story, and the low production value. I was hoping this would help make sense of it. This was the final part of the three-book collection I had. As the name suggests, it follows the children – Read the rest of this review

Dune Messiah

This is a short entry compared to the others in the trilogy. It also involves a lot more navel-gazing than the first. Gone are the battles, the fighting and the grand visions. They’re replaced with plots, intrigue and battles of conscience. Having created an empire, set a galaxy-wide jihad in motion and been deified by – Read the rest of this review


I was aware of Dune from the movie, which is one of my favourites (it’s well worth a watch, because the design team was clearly on something strong). I knew it was based on a book and I’d been meaning to read it for a while. I actually have the first three books in an – Read the rest of this review