Christopher Paolini

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This took a while to get through, in part because it’s so large — coming in at 880 pages. Also because the audiobook was split into two pieces and, lastly, I kept forgetting to renew my library rental, meaning I had to wait to get access to it again. I could have saved myself some – Read the rest of this review


Eragon got some stick because the plot so closely mirrored Star Wars and both of the previous books have taken their fair share of flack about the lack of originality. I’ve enjoyed the series, though the books are a little childish, but Paolini was only young when he started writing them (and is still only – Read the rest of this review


Eldest is the second installment in what author Christopher Paolini calls the Inheritance trilogy (the first being Eragon and the last, the to-be-released Empire). I was eager to read it having not long finished Eragon and I was not disappointed. Paolini started writing the trilogy when he was 15, spending a year writing, a year – Read the rest of this review


I have to confess that this was another recommendation by my sister (although I’d heard many good things from a range of sources) and, as much as it pains me to say it, she was right, it is excellent. I’m a relative late-comer to the Fantasy genre but, if you look at my reading page, – Read the rest of this review