What You Need to Know About Economics

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Economics is a subject which has become a lot more topical since the credit crunch, and yet another I know the barest about. So this seemed an ideal book to introduce me to the concepts and ideas. Sadly, that was not the case.

There were a few new terms and names, but overall I didn’t think it added much to the explanations found in many news articles. The authors of some of the leading theories are mentioned and quickly dismissed as their theories have either been superseded or are controversial.

In fact, I quickly got the impression that William Goldman’s expression ‘Nobody knows anything’ (aimed at the movie industry) applied perfectly well to economics and that it’s more about the psychology of how people react than anything else.

It’s easy to tell this was a book best consumed in printed form and that little work had been done to adapt it for listeners.  For example, the reading of the (often long) URLs for sources and extra information was pointless in an audiobook.  Having said that, Colin Mace narrates clearly.

Not really a guide for dummies or a deep enough look at economics, this seems to fall in between and, as such, doesn’t do the job of either.

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Reviewed: 16th January 2013