I don’t remember where I picked up the recommendation for this book. It’s certainly not a recent release, originally released in 1982. It’s short and from a writer who was better known for his children’s work.

The length was part of the appeal, I was hoping to hit two books a month in 2013 (one written, one audio), but failed. I figured I could burn through this one to kick off 2014.

And I did get through it reasonably fast, in no small part due to the fact that I enjoyed the characters and the story. The cover reminded me of the old copies of Treasure Island, and it seems to take place in a similar era, without any pirates or ships though. It has a similar ruthlessness to the story, which pulls no punches, with death and murder, foul play and scoundrels aplenty.

I had a couple of small criticisms; one being that some of the plot developments are telegraphed, making them fairly easy to spot. I’d also say, as with a lot of books, the end is over and done very quickly.

Having said that, it was an enjoyable read, with some interesting characters, and it certainly didn’t drag. It’s part of a trilogy, and I’ll be looking for the next part (assuming I can find a copy, these need to be made into digital copies for more people to enjoy).

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Reviewed: 17th January 2014