Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas


Another short one to blow through. I was due to see him live soon, but it’s been postponed due to “the virus.”

While entertaining, and easy to read, with some genuinely laugh-out-loud passages, this felt like a bit of a cynical cash grab. I’ve not read his longer book yet (this was a gift), but apparently Christmas anecdotes were left out, so this seems like an excuse to use those in a stocking-filler format and still charge full price.

Still, this is a perfectly good antidote to the saccharine excess of Christmas and a timely reminder that, while you’re at home trying to O.D. on sugar in front of the TV, there are those, not just in hospitals, who put that aside to save lives and keep us safe.

Might have had more punch if the proceeds were donated to good causes though.

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Reviewed: 15th March 2020