Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension


I skipped through large sections of this book. Something I rarely do and am even less proud of, but sometimes it is necessary. I did give it the first 200 pages, but that wasn’t enough.

To be fair, this wasn’t the book’s fault. It just wasn’t what I was expecting. I like a book on numbers, I really enjoyed Alex’s Adventures in Numberland, but this was totally different.

Rather than looking at fascinating things to do with numbers, this is more a plaything for numbers. Whether you’re exploring random (and arbitrary) sequences, or cutting out shapes, or using straws, it really wasn’t for me. It reminded me a child’s activity book, all it lacked was some colouring in.

I’m a purpose kinda guy. Maths, and numbers, serve a purpose. I don’t sit down to find weird correlations that don’t deliver anything useful, just for fun.

Matt is that kind of guy.

That said, there were a few chapters I found intriguing — the one on computers, for example, it being close to my heart.

It seemed a bit of an ill-formed idea. There’s no real structure or goal, it’s just chapters on a variety of topics strung together.

If you’re similar to the author and love numbers, this should be an interesting book. If you’re not, steer well clear.

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Reviewed: 2nd October 2018