The Way of Kings


I elected to listen to this, in part, due to the length. The 1,000+ pages turn into around 45 hours of audio to work through. And this is just the first book of the trilogy, so it’s somewhat immense.

As with a story that runs to this length, we end up with not only a cast of characters, but multiple threads to follow (and which will no doubt all twine together at some stage).

The books also introduce a new magic system, which uses “stormlight” that is stored in gemstones and is recharged by the constant storms.

I really enjoyed this one, with each of the main characters proving interesting to follow and bringing their own unique voice as they take on their various trials. There was also enough that was new to make it stand out from the crowd.

While each of the cast face their own setbacks, and Sanderson times the breakouts masterfully for just when the audience wants them, they do seem a little convenient — with skills, direction changes and interventions that don’t always feel organic.

Michael Kramer, who reads all the male sections, and Kate Reading, who reads the female ones, do a good job generally, although they pronounce one character’s name so differently I didn’t know they were talking about the same person for a while.

I’ll definitely be picking up some more from the series though.

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Reviewed: 3rd January 2021