The Thief’s Gamble


I have absolutely no idea where I got the recommendation for this book. It’s been sat on my shelves for a while (no reflection of the book, many others do too) and it was almost a random pick from amongst the pile.

It’s a fairly classic fantasy tale, set in a pseudo-medieval landscape in which wizards, thieves and fighting men mingle with the rest of the populace.

To start with I was a little concerned at how ‘paint by numbers’ the characters were, but it settled down as the story unfolded and the characters got to step out of their stereotypes. Having a female protagonist gives a slightly different perspective as well. Not that it changes much, this is very much a story packed with action and adventure.

I did find the balance of the book a little off. There’s a lot of build-up and story before the key discovery, but the rest just seemed a little too rushed as we headed for the end.

I didn’t dislike the story, which had plenty of moments that kept me turning pages, but neither did it leave me yearning to pick up another in the series.

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Reviewed: 10th August 2015