The Science of Everyday Life


This isn’t the sort of book I’d normally pick up in audio format, as it’s so short (at four hours). Even in paperback it would be a slim thing coming in at only 224 pages. It does make it quick to get through though.

As it was available on an offer though, I took the chance.

This style of book if fairly common — bitesize science — where the author simple rattles through a bunch of facts at breakneck speed. They’re deeply unsatisfying.

This started off that way and I was all ready to give it a negative score. But bear with it and Jopson does recover and start to delve into each subject in more detail.

And, while there were some annecdotes I had heard before, and some facts have changed since this was released (which I was aware of, see The Half-Life of Facts), there were plenty that was knew to me, some that had never even occured to me.

The author reads this book too, and does a pretty good, bringing plenty of enthusiasm.

So if you’re looking for a short, light read about science, this could fit the bill.

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Reviewed: 20th March 2021