The Princess Bride


I remember first seeing the film when I was about 12 at a friend’s house. I was big film fan even then and I was a little astonished that I hadn’t heard about it. I also scoffed a little at the title and the budget-looking production. By the end I was hooked though. The Princess Bride is a fantastic story, whether told via film or page. This version has sidenotes and commentary from William Goldman who adapted the book from it’s original language and the commentary is almost worth by the book for along, often it’s laugh-out-loud funny.

For anyone who has seen the film and think they know it all, there’s plenty more in the book, as is the case with most adaptations.

This is a must-read for anyone who likes a good fairytale and even better if you’re old enough to enjoy the panto-like humour of it, if you’ve ever wanted to be a heroic prince saving princesses or if you’re just bored with reading the kids slick modern fair give this a go.

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Reviewed: 3rd January 2006

Recommended: Yes