The Knife of Never Letting Go


Another one that has been sat on the TBR shelf for a while, largely because what I found by picking random pages didn’t grab me.

The reason for that is it’s a bit random — on the planet of New World (not the most imaginative name) men’s thoughts can be heard by everyone.

Todd is the youngest boy in Prentisstown, the last boy as all of the women were killed by the same germ that made men’s thoughts public. He’s a month from his thirteenth birthday, when he will officially become a man — and that day Prentisstown will go to war.

To avoid his fate, Todd runs. He bumps into a companion and together they have to race together to stay ahead of the pursuing army.

And that really is the main plot — it’s a frantic, sometimes frenetic, race through the story. You barely get chance to draw breath — even the short lulls are so information and revelation-packed that you don’t get much chance to settle.

Despite being a straightforward sprint to — I’m not joking — Haven, a vast array of setbacks, obstacles and betrayals are thrown into make progress a Herculean effort.

I burned through this in a few days — it was addictive to read. And, despite the shallow plot, there’s some character development and emotionally charged moments thrown in alongside the updates that reveal how many lies Todd has been told.

It is another story where the author clearly doesn’t want his protagonists to be happy (rarely a good source of drama to be fair) so it’s a little infuriating as a reader, and offers no easy relief.

I will definitely be looking at others in this series.

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Reviewed: 20th May 2020