The Idiot Brain


Our brains are amazing things. They’re how we perceieve the world.

What we forgot is they exist separate from the world, isolated in a bone box. Everything they experience is fed to them tiny input channels: sight, sound, smell, etc.

This book tries to explain some of how it works. And offers some reasons for why. As well as pointing out how little we still know.

Although I listened to the book, I think it would be better to read it. I say that because I found myself missing bits as I wandered around doing things and the my attention was suddenly monopolised. That meant I had to keep skipping back and re-listening to parts.

Aside from being packed with fascinating tidbits and insight, Burnett is funny with it, so the book never feels like a dry slog.

Credit to Matt Addis for the reading as he does a great job too.

Well worth a look if you want to try and understand what goes on between your ears.

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Reviewed: 7th May 2020