The Good Father


I really enjoyed Before the Fall, the only other book I’ve read by this author. It helped make my mind up when it came time to pick up a new audiobook.

The story follows a father whose son shoots a US presidential candidate. He believes his son to be innocent and spends the book trying to prove that point.


I’m not sure why there are so many great reviews for this, because I found it very disappointing.

Large chunks of the book are spent giving you the history of various other assassinations and terrorist attacks in US history, from RFK to the University of Texas shooting in 1966 to the Oklahoma City bombing. They don’t add anything to the story and, arguably, are just there to bulk up the page count for an otherwise pretty thin narrative.

We’re led down various paths suggesting the young man in question may be innocent, or that he was somehow duped into the act. None of which pan out.

When it finally starts to become clear that he did actually do it, the reason given is unbelievably weak.

I only held on until the end because I was assuming there would be some sort of twist, but no.

In the end it just felt like a depressing and pointless story. Ironically, the snippets about the other perpetrators highlighted how much more interesting their stories were than the one given to this protagonist.

The various narrators do an adequate job, I can’t say they brought a whole lot to it though.

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Reviewed: 31st August 2019