The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August


Harry August ages and dies like anyone else, but he is reborn each time to live again, with the memories of his previous lives intact.

Harry isn’t the only one, there are others, some of whom form the Cronus Club — they help each other out during those turbulent years when you appear to be a child, but are a good deal older.

A message is sent back from future generations of the Club: the world is ending.

It’s a very interesting concept and following Harry — initially through his lives as he pursues and encounters various things, then as he takes on the task of saving the future — is great fun and well written.

At times it was breathlessly thrilling, a real page-turner. At others it seemed to drone on about unimportant details.

Slowly, the threat emerges and I assume some clever ploy will be involved, some outlining as to why the antagonist is wrong, maybe a way to render them harmless. A giant MacGuffin is dangled in front of us.

Then it just… ends.

I had a similar criticism of The Gameshouse — good idea, nice setup, weak ending. I put that down to the fact that the stories were separate novellas being knitted together, but that’s not the case here.

So, a good read, at least until the final few pages, when everything comes screeching to a halt.

Definitely an author I will keep an eye on though. If she can get the endings right, the books will have no problems earning that last star.

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Reviewed: 6th September 2018