The Dreaming Void


Hamilton is another author I have read regularly and generally been pleased with his epic storylines and interesting views on how he sees humanity in the future. The Void trilogy, of which this is the first book, takes place more than a thousand years after the events of Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained, although some of the characters from the previous two books return (age has long been conquered for most people in a number of ways), and they are generally welcome.

The unusual thing is that there are two universes featured in these books, the human Commonwealth and the world inside the Void, a mysterious black-hole-like structure at the centre of the galaxy and, some believe, sits another universe. The world inside the void is almost medieval but the characters have telepathic and telekinetic powers which are often similar to the traits provided by the high-tech modifications in the ‘real’ universe.

Patience is generally a trait you need to get through Hamilton’s grand operas, and that is the case here, with exciting developments interspersed with mundane story development (which you often wonder if it’s necessary). I actually much enjoyed the story set within the void, but some of the political positioning and play outside is interesting too.

I think the Nighsdawn trilogy was a hard act to follow and the Commonwealth series isn’t quite up there with it yet, though I like the direction it has taken. One of my criticism’s of both of the previous books was the amount of exposition, and the same goes here, although it can probably be extended to include characters and backstory which is unnecessary.

Again, I couldn’t help but get into it though and will certainly be looking at the next books in the trilogy.

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Reviewed: 29th June 2008

Recommended: Yes