The $100 Startup


The dream of working for yourself, doing what you enjoy and keeping everything you earn. It seems to be the dream of many. This is a book that falls into the cadre that promise you can work less, earn more and be perpetually happy.

It’s included in the Business section, but there’s very little with regards to the practicalities of how to start and run a business. It sticks to general ideas. For example, the thrill of the first sale is mentioned, but doesn’t say how to get it.

This isn’t that kind of book. This is purely about telling the story behind a number of small businesses, how they got started (broadly) and encouraging you to make the jump. It’s all about inspiration.

With that in mind, it’s very good. It covers a wide array of people and projects (though few seem to have started for $100) and attempts to open the reader’s eyes to what small businesses exist while breaking down traditional ideas of what constitutes a ‘business.’

It’s narrated by Thomas Vincent Kelly, who does a perfectly acceptable job, but for a while I wasn’t sure if the voice was actually software as he has a habit of pausing around people’s names, like they’d been dropped in later.

I wouldn’t say audio was the best format for this book either, as there are various checklists and tables that don’t make a whole lot of sense when read out. Plus it doesn’t make it easy to refer back to things, which you’d surely want to do if you were serious about implementing any of it.

As a tool for inspiration and some examples of real-world businesses, it’s an entertaining and fast-paced read. As a practical guide to creating and running a business, it’s less potent.

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Reviewed: 19th March 2016