Stamping Butterflies


I’m not sure I’m enjoying each new book from Grimwood more than the last. The only book that really didn’t sit well was Redrobe, and perhaps the later Arabesk books (the series seemed to go a little too out there). Stamping Butterflies takes a long time to get going, you start with three different strands that are seemingly unconnected, or at best loosely connected. It’s very, very slow, I actually put the book down for a long time before coming back to it that’s how hard it was for me to get into it. The strands themselves contain little information to move the story forward.

After what seems like an age, we finally start seeing the threads begin to merge, elements begin to overlap and links emerge. It’s not until the final chapters, almost the dying words, that it begins to make much sense and then, the resolution comes and goes in barely a flash.

It was a struggle to get through, although it did manage to draw me in towards the end, and the writing and ideas are as vivid as ever.

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Reviewed: 30th November 2007

Recommended: No