This is another example where I have no idea where I found this or who/what recommended it. It’s the first book in a trilogy.

There are many common elements to other fantasy novels: a young protagonist with an older mentor, a prophersy that is coming to pass, villains wishing to bring about destruction, misunderstanding from those in power.

Where it differs is the magical system, the shear number of magical languages (most books only have one) and the numerous races involved. More than one of each is rare, several takes it beyond what most fantasies cover. It’s a big bit of world building, too big to be explored in one small novel.

The plot is told at a fast pace, and this is combined with a limited number of locations and characters to drive the story forward with few respites.  This, combined with a lot of lore being thrown at you, can make it a touch confusing (“He’s using what magical language now? Which one is that?”).

Some of the events seemed a little contrived, with the main character finding just what he needs at the right time. There’s plenty of action, and some deaths, although these seem to be skipped over with barely an effect on the characters themselves.

The ending was a little confusing because, despite having two perfectly logical endpoints, the author carries on a little way past both of them, but without any real reason. So it sort of peters out rather than having a defined finish.

That said, it was an engrossing and enjoyabe easy read. I shot through it in a few days (quick for me).

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Reviewed: 30th March 2020