Sleep. We all do it, but no one teaches us how. We’re all expected to know.

I’ve picked up various tips and tricks, both based on my own trial and error, and the occasional article I’ve skimmed, but I’ve never set about breaking it down. I know what I prefer and assume that’s right, for me at least.

Considering how much of an impact it can have on our health (physical and mental) and performance, it’s probably long past time we all took a bit more of an analytical look.

Which is where this book comes in.

The author has worked with a wide variety of, mainly sports, stars in an effort to get a few extra percent out of them. This is a summary of the sort of things he does when he consults.

The chapter on beds alone was very interesting — and who gets taught what a good bed looks like? Probably the sort of thing we should teach in schools, in favour of stuff you never use!

That said, it’s quite a short read, doesn’t go too deep, spends a lot of time speaking about pampered athletes and the author doesn’t appear to have any academic credentials so no official stamp that he knows what he’s talking about.

I found myself agreeing with a lot of the advice, and felt it had a ring of truth as it matched a number of tricks I’ve discovered on my own, but that could simply be confirmation bias.

Conversely, he has worked with a lot of big names and has some impressive testimonials.

I listened to the audio version, which is read by the author. He doesn’t do a bad job but could probably have left it to a professional as he has a tendency to add odd pauses mid-sentence that disrupted the flow.

It was good enough that I bought a couple of copies for family members who I know struggle in the sleep department though.

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Reviewed: 19th September 2018