Ship of Magic


I stumbled across this on my Kindle while reading something else — it looks like I bought it about four years ago, presumably on some sort of deal (although it still looks to be available for a steal).

It’s a book that is populated with numerous characters, some of which may get more time than others, but ultimately it’s an ensemble with no single protagonist. As with these sorts of stories, the branches appear separate but slowly intertwine.

This isn’t a book about heroes either, with each person having flaws, moods and foibles. There are moments when they infuriate you balanced by times when they hook you. It makes for an engrossing story with pleny of chapters I devoured hungrily.

There are also plenty of female characters — in fantasy men seem to dominate, especially those based around historic time periods — and not just in ancillary parts or to make up the numbers. That was refreshing and in no way impacted the story negatively — by that I mean they are there to serve the plot, not just increase the diversity quota.

A read I enjoyed very much.

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Reviewed: 3rd May 2020