I like the author of this series a lot, which was what prompted me to listen to and persist through the second of his trilogy, which started with Wool.

I’d found the first book a little underwhelming after all the hype, so the remaining books in the trilogy weren’t exactly something I had been drawn to. When I saw it available in my local library I thought I’d give it another chance though.

Originally released in parts, this consists of several stories, some of which share characters with each other and the previous book, but which don’t exactly intertwine. One is a prequel to the trilogy, the other two run parallel.

You can’t argue that the books aren’t well written and that the concepts aren’t pretty novel; a whole society ensconced underground in 50 silos, largely unaware of one another, entombed to provide a future for humanity.

The problem I found was one of empathy. I just didn’t connect with the characters or their stories. It was a well-told tale but it largely washed over me. I could have quit at any time and not missed it, in fact I nearly did on a few occasions. It certainly wasn’t a book I rushed back to, eager to continue.

If anything I was left more apathetic by this one than the original. Great ideas, but like life in the silos, the narrative just seemed to keep plodding along without any real purpose.

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Reviewed: 12th July 2017