Shadow Scale


I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to complete this, as my local library service changed provider with very little notice while I was only half way through, but I doubled down and mainlined it. That shows how much I was hooked.

I liked the first book and this continues, with many of the same characters, but a very different story.

It was great to explore more of the world that Hartman has created, to learn more about the various races and cultures. If I’m honest, it stretched a bit in places because of that though, with sections that didn’t seem to move things forward, or which could have been achieved in a much shorter fashion.

I’d also criticise a bit of a deus-ex-machina ending that has very little foreshadowing. Having provided a very good villain, and hinted at a possible solution, this seems to be a sidenote in the final reckoning. Even the relationship triangles all neatly resolved themselves, a little too conveniently.

That said, it was a nice journey with lots of interesting ideas and was enjoyable to listen to. It was made so by the excellent work of Mandy Williams.

A nice way to spend (more than) a few hours.

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Reviewed: 27th November 2018