I couldn’t honestly tell you where I got the recommendation for this, but I’m glad that I listened to it because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In a world where dragons and humans once fought there is now an unsteady peace. The dragons can take human form and live among their former enemies in an effort to better understand them and help bridge the divide. Although forbidden to ‘feel’ some fall in love or sleep with humans, giving rise to hybrids. Our protagonist, Seraphina, is one such hybrid.

As everyone prepares for the anniversary of the peace treaty, a plot, in which both sides have a hand, is slowly revealed. Will the land be thrown into war once more, or can Seraphina and her friends avert that outcome?

Is the book perfect? No. It’s a touch clichéd, is packed with fantasy tropes and everything goes a far too smoothly. I didn’t care.

There were some parts where it seemed to get stuck navel-gazing and I’m not sure the vast amount of time dedicated to Seraphina’s ‘grotesque garden’ added much, but they’re relatively minor gripes. The whole forbidden love angle felt like it was designed for the Twilight generation though.

I can see why it’s classed as Young Adult rather than simply regular Fantasy. That’s not to detract from the story or to demean the work in any way. It was a book that I looked forward to coming back to and thought about when I wasn’t listening to it.

It may not be the most challenging read, but the characters are nicely drawn within their moulds, the story has enough invention to keep you interested and the plot will keep you guessing too.

Mandy Williams and Justine Eyre do an excellent job narrating, embodying the characters they voice.

There’s already a sequel out. I’ll have to see if the enjoyment levels can be maintained.

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Reviewed: 23rd February 2016