Revelation Space


I’ve finally finished it. Although I’ve been fairly busy over the last couple of weeks, this book seemed to take forever to plough through, and rarely did I find it gripping me to the point that I just had to keep on reading. I’m a fan of science fiction, but this was hard going. The science-to-story ratio was very high for most of the book, which meant trawling through endless clever descriptions of clever technologies that, eventually, really had no bearing on the story. This book is described as a space opera. A space opera, to me, is a story that spans the universe, a significant period of time and has a large cast. For me, this book doesn’t qualify. Yes it covers time, yes it covers space, but neither of them is really significant to the plot. A while, yes, you could argue that there are events that could affect the entire universe, nobody but the main set of protagonists is aware of it. It has some great ideas, some complex backstory and history, some very interesting races, but it didn’t create any sort of empathy for the characters, and the shear scale just wasn’t justified. I might check out the reviews for the other books in this trilogy, to see if Reynolds has managed to step away from the technology and focused on the characters, if not, I won’t be buying anymore.

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Reviewed: 30th January 2005

Recommended: No