Remember, Remember


This is very similar to the previously reviewed Divorced, Beheaded, Died and comes with a similar subtitle (The History of Britain in Bite-Sized Chunks). In fact they overlap considerably, as this book covers each of the monarchs (so you probably don’t need to buy both).

Unlike the other book, this one provided no new insights into British history for me, simply covering off the well-known events. As is usual with history books of this type (it seems), there is a heavy weighting on recent history (as much time is spent on World War II as on the centuries before it).

Focusing on monarchs and a few key events, it does also include some of the political and philosophical shifts that have sculpted history, but it doesn’t mention any of the significant inventions that have often had far wider reaching consequences.

I doubt anyone who has had a school history lesson will find many insights here, so I’m unsure what the target market was. I think summarising┬áthe entire of British history was too much to cover even in ‘bite-sized chunks’ as you’re only ever paying lip service to a topic and it would be better to release books focused on specific subjects instead.

I’d suggest this is more for children as an easy way to pick up a brief understanding of British history rather than anyone with a serious interest in it (and you’re unlikely to have forgotten most of it).

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Reviewed: 18th March 2013