Priscilla: The Hidden Life of an Englishwoman in Wartime France


I’m reviewing this now, despite not finishing it, because it was a loaner from my library and they have since moved digital library providers so it’s unlikely I will get it again.

The book follows the investigations of the author into the life of his deceased aunt and what happened to her during WWII as a Brit living in occupied France.

I’m not sure I’d reached the half-way point of the 16 hours that comprise its total length.

In that time, not a lot had happened. What we’re really interested in is what happened during the war — and any juicy details.

Instead, you get a very lengthy opening about the aunt, with very little revealing detail, then a slow and plodding run down of her movements around France and England and her dysfunctional relationships.

Up to theĀ  point I reached, it was pretty boring. As a look into an average non-combatants view of the war it has some merit, but it would have been much more engaging to simply get to the meat after a brief introduction.

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This was an copy of the book

Reviewed: 31st December 2018