Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief


I grabbed a copy at around the time the movie hype was at its peak. Touted as a Harry Potter replacement I thought I would take a gander.

I can understand the similarities in the media to Potter, but they are completely different books with different styles and characters. Not that The Lightning Thief was bad for that. I like Greek mythology, you’d be surprised how much it’s used in the modern world (many of the characters in Harry Potter come from it, for example, even our planets have names directly or derived from it).

One thing you can say is it’s action packed. It doesn’t let up either. Where the latter HP books were long and winding this is short and punchy, racing from crisis to crisis from new development to new development, revealing details all the while.

If you want a well-written, pacey action adventure I’d give it a go.

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Reviewed: 27th August 2010