Off the KUF Volume 2


Disclaimer: I wrote one of the stories featured in this book, so be aware there might be some bias (I’m obviously not reviewing my own work), but I will try to be honest.

This is the second in a trilogy of books written by the talented collection of authors who congregate on the Kindle User Forum.

First off, this is a big book. While it’s an anthology of short stories, there are so many it easily revivals good-sized novel (and at a bargain price too). Because each piece is separate, you can easily consume it in chunks though.

There were a couple of works where I found the story less engaging, or dragged a bit, but that was rare. On the flip side, mostĀ rattled along and will keep you turning pages no matter how late hour.

The format also lends itself to discovery, and there were certainly a number of stories in genres I would never have read, but which I enjoyed nonetheless. This books contains everything from the past to the future, the funny to the dark, plus more besides.

A great way to dip your toe into the writing of authors you may not have discovered, and genres you may normally avoid.

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Reviewed: 7th June 2014