Off the KUF Volume 1


Off the KUF is an anthology of short stories produced by members of the Kindle User Forum. I may be slightly biased, because I belong to the forum that produced it. I even have a story in the next volume. I have tried to be objective though.

Short stories and anthologies have generally wandered in the wilderness of publishing. This book shows their virtues though: the stories are short enough to consume in quick bites between busy schedules, and there’s such an eclectic mix there will be something to please any reader.

In fact, aside from new authors to discover, it will probably make you read genres you’d never normally contemplate. Certainly I found a few I wouldn’t have read if I were looking at their description in solitude, but there wasn’t one I didn’t enjoy.

If I’m being particularly picky, I felt a story with a stronger finish could have been last (but maybe that was the point).

Anyway, well worth your time, and money raised goes to keeping the lights on over at the Kindle User Forum as well (which is a great place for reader and writers, not just Kindle users, so drop by).

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Reviewed: 15th December 2013