This was another two-for-one offering on Audible.

The premise sounded interesting and it was a more generic tale (I try not to get pigeon-holed into specific genres).

Having said that, the core of the story is the tired premise of a secret service agent who gets accused of treachery by his own department and has to go on the run to clear his name. Not exactly new.

The rest of the story is a fairly generic thriller, albeit with some unique twists (the same, but different, as one of my old teachers used to say).

It was a pleasant enough yarn to listen to, and Colin Mace does an adequate job narrating, but it’s the sort of story you finish and instantly forget about.

Combine that with too many coincidences, paper-thin characters that are little more than stereotypes, a sprinkling of military tech references, such as drone model numbers (presumably to make it sound like the author knows what he’s talking about) and action sequences from Hollywood and it’s far from the best.

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Reviewed: 1st August 2019